My Happy Easter

Did you have a happy Easter?
I had a beautiful moment on that beautiful Sunday evening.

I was prepare to tat a lovely bunny which I found in
Tatting Chic's blog.

However I could not find any appropriate ribbon to be a lovely bow for the bunny...
It would not lovely enough if the bunny without a bow!! >"<

That's why I did not tat the bunny at last.

I found that the pattern came from The Online Tatting Class.
So, I clicked the link on my bookmarks and tried to find a simple pattern to tat.

Finally, I find a nice pattern called Round Robin for Beginners.
It was cute. I could not wait to finish it!

Here is my finished lace.
It was not very nice.

The shape was not beautiful but I was happy when it was finishing.
I have no idea why the chains had reverse since I did not reverse it at all!

My mom said that was the worst motif I have ever made. >_<
But my little sister love it ♥
And I like it too. LOL.

The second one took me half month to finish. T-T
( I just finished it in last week )

It is not difficult but I am too careless.
I had made the 1st round many times because of my carelessness.
Although It still had mistakes in this finished lace work,
I do not care about it at all.
Because that was my first tatting lace in this larger size ( 5 x 5 cm )
and the hexagon shape is beautiful!!

♥ ♥ ♥

After a relaxing Easter holiday, I got 2 lovely hexagon tatting lace on my desktop.
It is the best Easter holiday ever in my shorty 19 years. :)

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  1. Hi! Glad to hear you had a happy Easter! Your motif is lovely. I hope you do tat the bunny sometime; with or without the ribbon! :)

  2. Sorry for my late reply. >_<
    I am so happy that you think my motif is lovely. I hope I can do better next time.
    Bunny is one of my favourite animals.I believe that I would tat it in future. :)

  3. I found your blog through Tatting Chic! It's just beautiful!